Pharma Evidence - We document value for money

True value for money of a new drug is the new battlefield of the pharmaceutical world. Governments want the best possible treatment for their citizens without increasing the health care budget, pharma companies want refunds for their huge investments in drug development, and patient’s organizations want tailor made treatment for their specific patient group.

Pharma Evidence is your strategic partner specialized in identifying gaps in your clinical study, your value story or your health economic arguments, and finding the evidence-based solution to document the increased value for money of your drug.

We use data from clinical trials, real world studies, patient interviews, discrete choice surveys as well as crowd surfing, or registry studies. The source depends on the problem to solve; evidence-based is our trademark. We strive to find the optimal way forward even when it looks impossible, just as we have done the last years where we have achieved what many people state as the impossible: the development of a PRO questionnaire validated to FDA level.


Many companies are in doubt. What kind of documentation do payers want? Is health economical modeling essential? Can we use big data to document effectiveness? Does reference pricing influence the launch sequence?

To gain an overview of the options and vendors, Pharma Evidence has developed an Evidence Portal. Here you can find your way to new evidence on value for money. If you need strategic guidance on what, how and when to choose, Pharma Evidence will be happy to help.